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Plein Aire Locations & Landscape

This collection is a series of outdoor scenes painted on location or copied from photos. Plein Aire art is created in the elements after scouting out just the right location. It must be quick and decisive occupying perhaps 2 or 3 hours. Paintings from a photo are created in a studio setting working from photo references when there's no time to set up on location. I might even be a photo taken from the window of a moving vehicle.


Waterdrop In Nature

Macro Views Of Nature: Growing up in rainy Louisiana, light's play on the surface of water has been a captivating fascination for a long as I can remember. When viewing these paintings one must look not only at the over all painting composition but at each water drop within the painting. The view discover little images and stories hidden within and upon each water drop.


Korean Views

Paintings Acclaimed By Korean Government and Press, this series was created after a quick week's visit to South Korea in September 2013 and after a year and a half of studying the Korean language. With no time to Plein Aire paint and only an iPhone to record painting possibilities, these 12 paintings were created in the 3 months following the trip, at the request of the Los Angeles Korean Cultural Center.


People, Events, Critters & Things

This collection is a series of life captured on canvas or watercolor paper as it has presented itself to the artist. It might be considered a visual diary of people, animals and events which have crossed through Seraphine's life and which she wanted to remember and record for others to view in the future.